For a greener and more active Turku!


My city should be green, stimulating and friendly both to its residents and to the environment. The environment, jobs and building are still seen to be competing against each other. Attitudes need to be changed, so that there would be an understanding for the fact that combining these is the key to a successful and attractive city. Citizen participation is not widely used and work needs to be done in order to give the residents of Turku better possibilities to participate in the development of our city.


  • Let’s enliven the city centre by expanding pedestrian zones, increasing the number of public spaces and adding greenery
  • Let’s streamline traffic by investing in cycle networks and the tramway
  • Let’s develop the city together by increasing citizen participation
  • Let’s take care of the citizens by ensuring service of high quality
  • Let’s create jobs by investing in circular economy
  • Let’s increase well fair through versatile sports and culture possibilities
  • Let’s take care of our environment by protecting the nearby nature, the natural values of the islands and our sea

The municipal elections campaign manifesto for the Greens in Turku.